CNYAHEC'S Innovative Online System for Managing InService Training

CNYAHEC's InService Solutions is an innovative online program specifically developed by health care professionals. InService Solutions frees you from the costly, time-consuming burden of providing inservice training and dramatically streamlines the testing and review process while delivering the highest level of training. Evaluating and tracking your employees' inservice progress has never been more efficient, or more effective.

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  • Complete online - no software to install
  • Paperless (unless you choose to print reports)
  • Easy reporting
  • Each module takes 10-12 minutes to complete
  • Available 24 hours per day day, 7 days per week


  • Banners have your facility's graphics and logos
  • Announcements for staff can be updated regularly
  • Department & unit references throughout modules

Improved Learning

  • Complete online - no software to install
  • Progress checks throughout modules
  • Provides immmediate feedback and explanation of answers
  • Learners work at their own pace